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Improve vision:
a natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement
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Thank you for your program! It made my eyes feel really good, and improved my ability to focus dramatically after about 3 weeks.
Mary Verbachi, Venice, Florida.

Your software is too cool! I canít see doing eye exercises without it! Great idea, and great program! I see more clearly than ever before!
Randi Martin, Chicago, Illinois

Hello. My name is Sheila Baxter. I wanted to tell you how your program saved my life. I normally donít write letters like this, but since you saved my career I thought you should know about it. I work as a computer programmer, and developed really bad headaches that would not go away no matter how much aspirin I took. I kept missing work, and was about to be fired. Since most of the pain was in my eyes, and I was getting desperate to keep my job, I searched online and found your program. I was skeptical, but as I said, desperate. I want to tell you that after spending 2 months with your program, the headaches and eye aches are completely gone! My boss is thrilled because I havenít missed a day in ages, and Iím happier and more productive overall! Please use this letter as a reference incase any of your potential customers are wondering if this will work for them. Tell them I said YES!!!
Sheila Baxter, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Iím writing to say that Iím glad to finally have found a natural vision correction system that works. I tried a few others, but couldnít bring myself to follow the exercise routines no matter how easy they made them sound. Your product intrigued me, and since you had an excellent guarantee I figured I couldnít go wrong. And I was right. The software and glasses combination makes it a breeze. Iíve never felt like Iím working at all. Even better, my vision has improved dramatically. Thanks ImproveVision!
Tom Deveroe, Gibsons, B.C., Canada.

For someone wearing a strong refractive lens prescription like me, your program is great. Iím gearing up to lower the prescription strength since my visual acuity has become relatively high. Also, I find that each day when I end the program, my near vision is significantly clearer. Iím trying to get my eyes out of the trap of being addicted to plus lenses for reading, and feel Iím well on the way. Thanks for a great product.
Bill Kaplan, Denver, Colorado.

I bought your program for my youngest son, Alex, whoís 8. He does a lot of homework on the computer, and likes to play games online. His teacher told us that she noticed he was squinting in class, and recommend that we try your program. We thought he would like it since itís computer-based. We were right! Itís been a month and a half, and the squint is gone. Alex says his eyes feel much better now. Thank you!
Ellen Hoffnagle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My mother-in-law has been using your programme for the last two years, and we absolutely swear by it. Before she started, she had a vision of around 3.00. During her last doctorís appointment, she found that her had vision dropped to 1.14. How amazingówe could hardly believe it! Thanks Natural Vision!
Donald Mendleson, Somerset, U.K.

I have been using your program since November and am seeing extraordinary results. My vision continues to improve from where it was at 20/400 to now, at 20/60. Itís getting better and better all the time, and I hope to be writing you again soon to say that I was able to get rid of my driverís license lens restriction! By the way, Iíve been in contacts for 10 years, and had glasses for 17 years before that!
Michele Tomlin, Somerset, New Jersey.

improve vision is a Guaranteed natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement.