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Improve vision:
a natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement
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The New Way to Safe and Effective
natural vision correction

Do you want to improve vision naturally? And correct problems such as:
  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Presbyopia
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Astigmatism
  • Lazy eye
  • And more?

Besides risky and costly surgery, most natural vision improvement doctors recommend a regimen of eye exercises, but the thought of actually sticking to a routine, and doing the work, gets people down. They’re boring; they’re tedious, and therefore hard to do day in and day out. We’ve solved that problem.

Now, improve vision gives you
guaranteed natural vision correction
that’s easy - and fun!

Our unique natural vision improvement program combines special glasses with the power of computer software to take the edge of off tiring eye exercises. Just put on your special glasses, start up our program, and watch as your eyes begin exercising on their own! You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to concentrate. Just sit back, relax, and watch our specially designed vision therapy program.

Soon, you’ll be free of glasses and contacts, and will be experiencing clearer, stronger and more vital vision. So whether you’re suffering from computer vision syndrome, or if you’ve been diagnosed with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, the natural vision improvement program is guaranteed to improve vision.

Your improve vision program includes:
  • Your own special improve vision glasses, developed after years of extensive research. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and one-size fits all.
  • A complete and thorough training manual to walk you step-by-step through your natural vision improvement program.
  • Special software* designed to let your eyes exercise and become stronger—effortlessly and naturally.
  • Improved vision—guaranteed!

The improve vision kit is just $195.95, and comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied and experiencing improved vision, we’ll give you a complete refund—no questions asked.

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and get on the road to
easy and fun vision relief!

**PC version only. Improve Vision Kit runs on Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, ME,XP;
and requires a minimum 200 Mhz processor and 32 MB RAM.

improve vision is a Guaranteed natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement.