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Fact: natural vision improvement
outshines Dangerous Lasik Surgery

If you’re suffering from farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism, you may be considering Lasik surgery. We’re pleased to tell you that we’ve discovered a better way
- a natural way - to natural vision improvement without the Lasik cost, and without the Lasik complications.

The FDA reports that Lasik surgery results may not be lasting, and that any improvement noticed after surgery may be temporary, especially if you’re farsighted or use reading glasses now. You may also, according to the FDA, still need glasses or contacts after surgery, even if your prescription was weak before you started.

The risks and complications of Lasik surgery are also well documented, and include the following:
  • Corneal scarring, leading to permanent vision loss
  • Severe and permanent dry-eye syndrome
  • Cutting through of the corneal flap, leading to permanent and irreversible eye damage
  • Migration of the corneal flap, leading to further surgery and temporary or permanent blindness
  • Halos, starbursts and blurry vision, usually uncorrectable
  • Inflammation and infection, a risk with any surgery, which can also lead to temporary or permanent vision loss

If you’re desperate for vision improvement, you may have been led to believe that Lasik is your only option. It’s not. The improve vision kit is your complete natural vision improvement solution.

Now, You Have a safer natural vision improvement alternative

Today improve vision is pleased to introduce
the natural vision improvement program,
a complete and natural alternative
to costly and risky lasik eye surgery.

For a mere fraction of the cost of Lasik (which runs from $1,600 to $2,500 per eye and is not covered by most health plans), and with no side effects or complications at all, you can improve your vision, and improve your life, with our unique natural vision improvement program.

Research confirms that natural eye exercises aid in natural vision correction, and we at improve vision have developed a solution that incorporates special glasses with the fun and entertainment of computer software. Better yet, your eyes exercise naturally while watching the program. You don’t have to work—just sit back, relax, and enjoy improved vision without surgery!

Incorporate our entertaining program into your schedule for just minutes each day, and you’ll begin to see more clearly—with less hassle, and with no risks.

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- a safe alternative to costly, invasive and risky Lasik surgery.

improve vision is a Guaranteed natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement.