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Here, weíve gathered common questions that weíve heard from our customers about natural vision improvement over the years.
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  1. Can the vision improvement program really help my myopia (or hyperopia, or presbyopia, or astigmatism)?

    Absolutely. Itís a well-known fact that environmental factors and stresses influence refractive disorders. When you read too closely, or strain for too long, your eyes become weak, and conditioned to poor performance. Itís also well known that prescribed exercises to strengthen your eyes are tedious and time-consuming, and require extraordinary will power.

    Thatís where the improve vision kit comes in, and where it stands above the rest. Weíve made it easy and fun to correct your vision problems, by combining a pair of special glasses with computer software that lets your eyes exercise automaticallyóon their own. You donít have to work, or struggle. Just sit back, relax, and let your eyes strengthen their focusing power and movement control by themselves, naturally.

  2. How exactly does the natural vision improvement program work?

    Itís easy. When you receive your package, simply read through our step-by-step instruction manual, and install and run our uniquely designed software program. All instructions are included. Then put on your special glasses, and let our software program do the rest. All you have to do is watch, and your eyes become stronger and more focused, and you begin to see clearly.

  3. How long is the software program?

    The software runs on a continuous loop, so it lasts as long as the program youíre following at the time. Youíll change the programís parameters as you progress. Itís not complicated; in fact, the most you have to do is point, then click.

  4. How long before I begin to see results?

    In our experience, individual results will vary. But overall, you can expect to begin seeing more clearly within a few months. Just like your body, the more you train and strengthen your eyes, the more you begin to feel, and enjoy, the results.

  5. Are results guaranteed?

    Yes. Weíre so sure that our powerful program will improve your vision; we back it with a 1-year, 100% money back guarantee. If youíre not happy, weíre not happy, and will promptly give you your money back. No questions asked. Period.

  6. Will I be able to stop using glasses or contacts?

    If you have extremely poor vision, donít expect to get out of them right away. Your eyes didnít go bad overnight, and correction wonít come that quickly either. First, we recommend that you use our natural vision correction program to strengthen your eyes and avoid even stronger prescriptions. Once your eyes have become strong, you can try small, simple tasks without glasses. Donít try to drive, or do anything dangerous, but take small steps as your vision improves.

    If your vision isnít extremely bad, itís not at all unreasonable to expect that you can achieve near-normal vision much more quickly.

  7. Is this program safe for my child?

    The improve vision kit is completely safe for children of all ages. And since itís software and computer-based, your child will actually enjoy their natural vision correction sessions!

  8. Whatís the difference between the natural vision improvement program and the bates method?

    There is simply no comparison between the improve vision kit and the bates method. First of all, the bates method focuses on relaxation and meditative elements to help you relax and ease tension; remove stress and ďwrong thoughts.Ē Frankly, stress relief may be good for your soul, but it wonít solve your vision problems. The improve vision kit relies on increased focus and perception, along with the strengthening of eye muscles.

    Second, the improve vision kit incorporates the use of special glasses backed by years and years of extensive research. The bates method uses no other tools to help heal your vision.

    And finally, the our natural vision correction program incorporates specially designed software, which works in conjunction with your special glasses, to make natural vision improvement easy and fun.

  9. Whatís the difference between the improve vision kit and other eye programs on the market?

    Again, there is no comparison. Other programs on the market today give you pages of strenuous exercises, audiotapes to listen to and videos to watch. They want you to believe that just because youíre doing ďsomething,Ē that youíre helping your eyes. We donít believe that listening to audio or watching videos of exercise helps your vision one bit. It takes much will power to stick with these programs, as the exercises are often tedious and time-consuming.

    Thatís why we created the improve vision kit program. Itís easy. Itís simple. And it works. We wonít waste your time with tedious exercises or long-winded audios that rehash the same information you can find anywhere. Instead, you just put on your special glasses; run the specially designed vision therapy software program for only minutes a day, and youíll be on your way to better vision. Guaranteed.

And, while our competitors offer only a 30-day guarantee,
we at improve vision give you a FULL 1-YEAR,
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If our program is not everything we say it is,
and if youíre not happy,
even by the 364th day, then weíll refund every penny
- no questions asked.

improve vision is a Guaranteed natural vision correction program for natural vision improvement.